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ASBHC Complete Packet

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ASBHC Funders

  • Providence Health and Systems
  • United Way of Anchorage
  • The Rasmuson Foundation
  • Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
  • Alaska Community Foundation
  • Anchorage Education Association
  • Private donations

Who We Are

The Anchorage School Based Health Centers (SBHCs), in partnership with the Anchorage School District, provide care at Anchorage Middle and High Schools to keep students healthy and in school. Parent consent is required before any services are provided. 
Christian Health Associates is the ‘fiscal agent’ for ASBHC, offering accounting and other support for the operation of ASBHC.

Our goals are to:

  • Increase access to health care for students
  • Reduce school absences
  • Increase participation in school sports
  • Reduce inappropriate emergency room visits

What We Do

Services available include comprehensive and age appropriate care similar to what is provided in a pediatric or family medicine office, such as

  • Acute illness and infection
  • Injury assessment and treatment and/or referral
  • Physical exams*

*An annual physical exam – completed at school or from a healthcare provider in the community – is required for all students who participate in a school sport.  More information can be found at

Services are provided by licensed healthcare providers such as physicians, advanced nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. All families are encouraged to have a medical home and ASBHC can coordinate with your child’s private health care provider for any services received at school.  Using the ASBHC is convenient for parents, who do not need to worry about taking time off work or arranging transportation to take their child to the doctor.  Health concerns are communicated to parents and students are encouraged to discuss their health with their parents.

Clinics are located in or near the school nurse’s office.  These services are in addition to, and in conjunction with, the school nurse.  For emergencies, 911 will always be called for serious conditions.

Behavioral health services are available for a limited number of students when referred by a medical provider or school staff.

Who We Serve

We currently provide services only to ASD students at the selected sites, whose parents have given their consent for care/treatment.  ASBHC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin (ancestry), religion (creed), gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, military status, or disability.  Although Christian Health Associates serves as the fiscal agent for ASBHC, religion is not discussed with students during their visits.

During the school year, clinics operate at Begich Middle School, Clark Middle School, Bartlett High School and East High School.  Services may be extended to other sites on a limited basis.

Cost of Care

Although ASBHC services have a fee, we serve families regardless of ability to pay and we discount services based on income and family size. The minimum fee is $10. ASBHC will submit bills to insurance, including Denali KidCare for physical exams and treatment for minor illnesses/injuries and other health services provided. You will be provided with the anticipated charges upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my student become a patient?

To enroll a student, please download, print, complete these forms and return them to the school nurses office:

  • Full ASBHC Enrollment Packet
  • Enrollment Packet for families that completed consent through online registration

Can my student see an ASBHC provider without my consent? 

No. Parents must give consent before services are provided. All ASBHC forms must be completed for a student to receive care from one of the providers. However, parents should be aware that any adolescent can legally access other care in the community for “diagnosis, prevention or treatment of pregnancy, and for diagnosis and treatment of venereal disease;” [Alaska Statute Sec. 25.20.025.]

What if my student is sick at school and I have not completed paperwork? 

Verbal consent can be given to ASBHC Staff by parents for sick students when the school nurse refers them.  A brief health history and billing information must also be provided over the phone for this consent.

Do I have to consent every year? 

Yes.  Similar to your private health provider’s office, you have to update information, including consent, every year. Parents can consent to services during the annual, online registration.  Parents may revoke consent at any time, by contacting the ASBHC.

Does the Anchorage School District cover some of the costs?

No. ASD provides space at no charge but does NOT provide any direct funds.

Are services offered during the school day or afterschool? 

Schedules will vary by school.  In order to minimize class disruption, we anticipate having high school clinic hours during the student lunch-time, some class times, and immediately after school.

If my child needs a prescription for his/her illness, can the ASBHC provider write it?

Yes.  However, the providers cannot write a refill prescription for medications they did NOT initially prescribe.

If students need services beyond what ASBHC can provide, where will providers refer students?

Based on the medical needs of students, students and/or parents will be given a wide spectrum of providers in the community to access additional care, if necessary.  Student/family financial and transportation issues will also be considered to identify the best fit when students are referred.

What if my child already sees a pediatrician or other provider?

With your consent, ASBHC will advise your child’s other provider about any services received.Note:  ASBHC encourages every student and family to have a medical home to ensure continuity of care.

What if my child has siblings who might also be ill?  Can they be seen at the ASBHC clinic?

Yes, with parent consent, and transportation to and from the clinic.

What about the school nurse?  Doesn’t she/he take care of sick students at school?

The school nurse initially sees students during the school day who are ill or injured. In cases beyond the usual scope of school nursing practice, he/she may refer them to the ASBHC for care.  Students cannot go to the ASBHC for illness or injury without initially being referred by the school nurse.

Contact Information:

The SBHC only operates during the normal school year.

Call with questions:

Clark Middle School – 742-7782

Begich Middle School – 742-0535

Bartlett High School – 742-1804

Other ASD schools: 742-0479


Be aware that phone and email are checked only periodically during school breaks.

Please click here to send us an email.