Our Mission

Mission of CHA

The mission of Christian Health Associates is to nurture individuals and care givers through quality care, education and supportive services locally and globally.

  • Provide services directly through its affiliates and by networking and collaborating with other organizations
  • Cultivate and develop service providers to their fullest potential in a Christian environment
  • Care for the whole person based on the interrelationship of the body, soul and spirit


Christian Health Associates (CHA) presents the following Code of Ethics as a set of ideals for conduct of its employees. The Code of Ethics derives from CHA’s Statement of Faith.

The basis of this organization is its Statement of Faith.
We believe…

  1. There is one God, eternally existent in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. In the Lord Jesus Christ, who is totally God and totally man, God’s only Son, in his life, death, burial, and resurrection.
  3. The Holy Spirit is fully God and possesses all the attributes of God, who guides us personally and professionally.
  4. That because of the Fall, each member of the human race is sinful and in need of salvation. Salvation is a gift of God, based upon the finished work of Christ on the cross, and is obtained by grace through faith alone.
  5. In God’s inspired Word, the Bible, our infallible standard of faith and conduct.
  6. We fulfill the law of Christ as we strengthen and encourage one another.
  7. We are stewards and facilitators of health and healing which belongs exclusively to God.
  8. Participation with God through Jesus Christ is essential for the restoration and personal growth of man.

CHA Work Environment

At CHA we believe as followers of Christ we need to have a Bible-based approach to the work that we undertake. We realize that we are human beings, prone to hurt, conflicts and sin and that in this corporation we will experience difficulties, power struggles, trials and tribulations. However, we also understand that these difficulties come as God works within us to bring us to maturity. We want to support and encourage each other in this process of spiritual growth. Occasionally confrontation will be necessary and should be done in a spirit of love, not with a harsh or judgmental attitude. We are to demonstrate the lordship of Christ in our lives by servant-like leadership, a sense of community, and a lifestyle that reflects the will of God. Christ’s love compels us to touch our community with the love of Christ as God leads us to serve through specific endeavors. We encourage all CHA employees to have the heart of a servant and to walk in holiness, doing all things as unto the Lord.

Applicability of the Guidelines

This Code of Ethics is applicable to all current employees. CHA desires that employees conduct themselves with the highest level of Christian ethics. These ethics are to be observed whether the employee is a health care provider, administrator, support staff member, or functions in another capacity related to CHA. These guidelines are intended to benefit employees and the persons whom they serve.

Articles of the Code of Ethics

In an effort to define who receives service through CHA, we will use the somewhat neutral word ‘client’.

Provider is defined: A licensed/certified professional providing health care services at Cornerstone Clinic

  1. Personal Commitment as a Christian

1.1 I commit my service to God as a special calling.

1.2 I pledge to integrate all that I do with Christian values, principles, and guidelines.

1.3 I commit myself to Christ as Lord as well as Savior. I will seek direction and wisdom from God, while accepting responsibility for my own actions and statements.

1.4 I view my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. I will prayerfully seek balance in my priorities and activities.

  1. Loving Concern for Clients/Fellow Employees

2.1 I will accept clients/employees regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, income, education, ethnic background, and value system, unless such a factor would interfere appreciably with ability to be of service.

2.2 I value the sanctity of human life, personal freedom and responsibility, and the privilege of informed free choice by adults in matters of belief and action.

2.3 I will avoid exploiting or manipulating any client/employee to satisfy my own needs.

2.4 I will abstain from unnecessary invasion of privacy.

2.5 I will take appropriate actions to help, even protect, those persons within my area of responsibility who are being endangered and are relatively dependent on other persons for their survival and well being.

2.6 I will scrupulously avoid sexual contact or sexual exploitation, both covert and overt, with any client.

  1. Confidentiality

3.1 I will demonstrate utmost respect for the confidentiality of the client and other persons I encounter as an employee of CHA.

3.2 I will carefully protect the identity of clients and their situations. I will avoid divulging information about clients, whether privately or publicly, unless I have received freely given, informed consent of the adult client or legal holder of confidentiality privilege for minor clients, in the form of written permission and the release of such information.

3.3 (Providers only) I will explain to the client the limits of confidentiality, such as those based on civil laws, regulations, and judicial precedent. Examples of limits or exceptions to confidentiality include such situations as:

(1) legal mandate, i.e. if child abuse is suspected or apparent;

(2) when divulging information would prevent a clear and immediate danger to a person or persons;

(3) legal proceedings in which the provider does not have privilege.

3.4 I will handle all client/employee records in a way that protects the clients and the nature of their situations from disclosure to the extent permitted by law.

  1. Competency (Providers only)

4.1 I pledge to be well trained and competent in providing services.

4.2 I will refrain from implying that I have qualifications, experiences and capabilities, which are in fact lacking.

4.3 I will comply with applicable state and local laws and regulations regarding competency in the psychological, medical and pastoral professions.

4.4 I will avoid using any legal exemptions from professional competence afforded in certain states to churches and other nonprofit organizations as a means of providing services that are beyond my training and expertise.

4.5 I will refer clients whom I am not capable of helping, whether by lack of available time or expertise, or because of subjective, personal reasons. The referral will be done compassionately, clearly and completely, in so far as feasible.

4.6 I will pursue additional education, experience and professional consultation as well as endeavor to grow spiritually in order to improve my effectiveness in serving persons in need.

  1. My Human Limitations (Providers only) – I will avoid fostering any misconception a client could have that I am omnipotent, or that I have all the answers.
  1. Advertising and Promotional Activities

6.1 (Providers only) I will advertise or promote the services of Christian Health Associates by Christian and professional standards.

6.2 I will not include personal aggrandizement in advertising and promotional activities.

  1. Research—Any research I conduct will be done openly and will not jeopardize the welfare of any persons who are research subjects. I will protect the confidentiality of research subjects. The subjects will provide informed, written consent for their participation in the research.
  1. Resolving Conflict

8.1 Negotiation

8.2 Mediation

8.3 Arbitration