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Christian Health Associates is an organization that is committed to serving our community, nation, and the world in a way that glorifies and pleases the Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission is to nurture individuals and care givers through quality care, education and supportive services locally and globally. We provide services directly through our associates and by networking and collaborating with other organizations. We cultivate and develop service providers to their fullest potential in a Christian environment. We care for the whole person based on the interrelationship of the body, soul and spirit.

We operate from a Christian world view and always strive to conduct business and serve in ways that honor God and benefit others. If you a person who would like to be a part of our dynamic and committed team, please submit your application today.

Our Association includes but is not limited to; Cornerstone Clinic, Medical and Counseling Center (Anchorage & Homer), School Based Health Centers, Alaska Medical Missions, Healthy Smiles Forever, and Anchorage Project Access.

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